About California Coldblood Books

Founded in 2014, California Coldblood Books is a small publishing company dedicated to science-fiction, fantasy, and speculative writing.

We are an imprint of Rare Bird Books and are distributed globally by Publishers Group West.

Our authors include Imraan Coovadia, Meg Eden, Mark Faklin, Adam Korenman, and Beth Woodward.

CCB Staff

Robert J. Peterson

Robert J. Peterson founded California Coldblood Books in 2014. He’s also the company’s head of acquisitions, art director, lead editor, typesetter, and webmaster.

His friends call him Bob.

Email Robert at robert@californiacoldblood.com.

Lauren J. Rock
Director of Marketing and Publicity

Lauren Rock handles all areas of publicity and marketing for CCB, as well as managing CCB’s social media platforms. In addition to her duties with CCB, Lauren is an accomplished voice over talent. You can see her personal website (and listen to her reels) at LaurenJuliaRock.com.

Email Lauren at lauren@californiacoldblood.com.