Strong Bones

By Robert J. Peterson

Coming soon. It's 1989, and evil's on the loose in the Smoky Mountains. Now, only a brave group of friends can stop it, using their imaginations and a little bit of magic. Okay … a lot of magic. (more…)

Peak: Book Three of the Jack Harper Trilogy

By L.C. Barlow

First, she was an acolyte. Then, a rogue. Finally, a catalyst. Now she’s declaring war on Hell itself. (more…)

The Odds: The Audio Drama

By Robert J. Peterson

Coming April 1, 2021. Are you a bishop or a rook? (more…)

Perish: Book Two of the Jack Harper Trilogy

By L.C. Barlow

Her name is Jack Harper. She just escaped the clutches of a cult that had held her in thrall since she was a little girl. Now she’s on a quest for justice. (more…)

Pivot: Book One of the Jack Harper Trilogy

By L.C. Barlow

"Beyond good and evil, PIVOT juggles archetypes until you're not sure which ball is airborne and which is still in the author's hand. A story about cracking free of your intended role in life, as plot and depth travel at...

Neon Empire

By Drew Minh

"Minh creates a nonstop social media frenzy amid a rich cyberpunk landscape in this vivid debut." —Publishers Weekly Imagine a near future where social-media influencers are given their own city, a massive riff on Las Vegas set in the plains...

A Spy In Time

By Imraan Coovadia

Award-winning South African novelist Imraan Coovadia tells the story of a fledgling temporal secret agent named Enver Eleven. Enver teams up with a new handler, Shanumi Six, on a vital mission to preserve humanity’s legacy. (more…)

The Late Bloomer

By Mark Falkin

“Falkin synthesizes multiple, unnerving apocalypse scenarios into something entirely new in this horror novel.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Imagine THE STAND told with the intimacy of THIRTEEN REASONS WHY. (more…)

Post-High School Reality Quest

By Meg Eden

Buffy’s your typical cosplaying, retro-gaming, con-going geek girl, but as her high school graduation approaches, she finds she has an unwelcome guest in her mind: the text parser. (more…)

When The Skies Fall (The Gray Wars Book 2)

By Adam Korenman

The Boxti bled humanity to the breaking point. Then they vanished. (more…)

When The Stars Fade (The Gray Wars Book 1)

By Adam Korenman

It’s the year 2236, and humanity can’t catch a break. (more…)

Embracing the Demon (Dale Highland Book 2)

By Beth Woodward

Dale Highland never wanted to be a demon. Dale Highland’s a superpowered half demon with a rapid healing factor and a killer temper. On the run from her past, she suddenly finds herself in the crosshairs of the Zeta Coalition,...

The Demon Within (Dale Highland Book 1)

By Beth Woodward

Heaven is hunting Dale Highland. (more…)

The Remnants (The Deadblast Chronicles: Book 2)

By Robert J. Peterson

The apocalypse happened, but no one knows how. All that’s left are a smattering of bizarro cities called remnants, each ruled by a grotesque potentate known as an Odd. If you wind up in hock to the Odds, they ship...

The Odds (The Deadblast Chronicles: Book 1)

By Robert J. Peterson

THE ODDS is a postapocalyptic action-comedy, an extended ode to John Carpenter's BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, and the first in a four-book cycle, THE DEADBLAST CHRONICLES. (more…)