Embracing the Demon (Dale Highland Book 2)

Dale Highland never wanted to be a demon.

Dale Highland’s a superpowered half demon with a rapid healing factor and a killer temper. On the run from her past, she suddenly finds herself in the crosshairs of the Zeta Coalition, an anti-supernatural militant group.

They want her dead. She wants to know why.

Dale’s investigation brings her face-to-face with her arch-nemesis: John Goodwin, master assassin and leader of a deadly guild of angels called the Thrones.

Dale and John have history—they were lovers until he betrayed her.

John brings word of a mysterious illness that’s infecting the supernatural. Deducing that the Zeta Coalition is behind it, Dale proposes a plan to infiltrate the Zetas’ upper echelons to find the cure.

But by the time Dale and John figure out the Zeta Coalition’s real intentions, it may be too late.

Praise for the work of Beth Woodward

“This inventive and exciting tale had me breathlessly flipping the pages―and I loved every minute! Get ready for a sexy, twisty, dangerous ride that crackles with pure awesomeness.”
Carolyn Crane, USA Today bestselling author

“Engaging, old-school urban fantasy. Will appeal to readers hungering for spirited supernatural action with a dash of forbidden romance.”
Jenn Bennett, author of the Arcadia Bell series

“A fast-paced, engaging book. A nice blend of horror and paranormal. Dale Highland is totally my spirit animal.”
Joe Alfano, WickedLittlePixie.com

“A strong novel and my first five-star [review] of the year.”
Michael D. Griffiths, SFReader.com

“I greatly enjoyed The Demon Within, and I look forward to continuing the books in the series. Dale feels dynamic, whole, and despite her demonic side, completely and utterly human. I long to see her grow into her powers and become at home in her own skin since, like many geeks, I know the struggles of finding my place and my people. In many ways, Dale’s journey is a metaphor for anyone who has longed to find somewhere he or she can be themselves and be fully understood.”
Jodi Scaife, Fanbase Press


Author: Beth Woodward

Beth Woodward was the books editor of the pop-culture website CC2KOnline.com for almost a decade, during which she reviewed hundreds of titles. She remains a voracious reader and a regular on the sci-fi/fantasy convention circuit. She lives near Washington D.C.