Post-High School Reality Quest

Written by Meg Eden

Post High School Reality Quest is a YA novel that combines equal parts Judy Blume, Ernest Cline, and Douglas Coupland. Due out June 13, 2017.

“Right from page one, Post–High School Reality Quest grabbed me, and I just couldn’t put it down. Inside these pages is a complicated and haunting story of love and loss, written in a unique and compelling style that pulls us right into Buffy’s world—and makes sure we can’t get out. Meg Eden handles the topic of mental illness with sensitivity and skill, while also showing just how confusing and scary these experiences are, at times, for her main character, as even the reader begins to question what’s real and what’s not. Highly recommended.”
Madeline Dyer, author of the Untamed series

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Written by Robert J. Peterson

OMEGABALL is a science-fiction novel for young adults and the second release from California Coldblood founder Robert J. Peterson, whose debut title, THE ODDS, came out in 2015.

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When The Stars Fade

Written by Adam Korenman

WHEN THE STARS FADE is a military science-fiction epic in the tradition of Robert Heinlein and Orson Scott Card, with a little bit of Tom Clancy thrown in for good measure.

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The Demon Within

Written by Beth Woodward

THE DEMON WITHIN is an urban fantasy adventure and the debut novel from author Beth Woodward. It's set to release in April of 2016.

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The Odds

Written by Robert J. Peterson

THE ODDS is a postapocalyptic action-comedy, an extended ode to John Carpenter's BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, and the first in a four-book cycle, THE DEADBLAST CHRONICLES. THE ODDS is available wherever books are sold and through virtually any online outlet.

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