Neon Empire

“Minh creates a nonstop social media frenzy amid a rich cyberpunk landscape in this vivid debut.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Sci-fi fans will want to read this story of before it becomes a reality.”

Imagine a near future where social-media influencers are given their own city, a massive riff on Las Vegas set in the plains of central America called Eutopia.

There, the world’s top influencers compete in a dog-eat-dog ecosystem of likes, trends, comments, and advertising that’s half guerilla marketing, half guerilla warfare. Against this backdrop, a has-been Hollywood director and an investigative journalist race to uncover the relationship between a rising tide of violence and corporate corruption.


Author: Drew Minh

Drew Minh is a digital advertising executive in Los Angeles, with firsthand knowledge of our current social media revolution. He’s lived in Barcelona and Paris, where he worked as a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and digital consultant. He’s had fiction published in 3AM magazine, Word Riot, Litro Magazine, and other publications. He also wrote a fictional crime column for weekly newspapers in Spain.