OMEGABALL is a science-fiction novel for young adults that explores the themes of identity and sibling rivalry.

Two sisters. Two worlds.

Meet Laurie and Helen Everett.

They’re identical twin sisters living in the year 2176. They’re mirror images of each other. Laurie’s a genius. Helen’s a problem child. Laurie uses a wheelchair. Helen’s a track star.

They fight. They compete. They hate each other. They love each other. Y’know—typical sisters.

But Laurie has a secret. She escapes her life by visiting the Darknet, a virtual reality that’s as big as the solar system. There, she’s a superstar at the sport of Omegaball, a deadly mashup of football, basketball, and Mega Man.

Laurie’s world changes when two men approach her with promises of a better life. One is Glenn Booker, an executive with the Chicago Dreadnoughts Omegaball team here in the real world. The other is the mysterious hacktivist Mr. Chalk, chief architect of the Darknet. Glenn wants to draft her. Mr. Chalk wants her to join his personal army.

Laurie must decide whether she wants to live in the real world or the Darknet, all while Helen tracks her every move, and Mr. Chalk plots his own sinister agenda.

Packed with action, suspense, humor, and a healthy dose of pop culture, Omegaball is the second novel from Robert J. Peterson.

Praise for OMEGABALL

Omegaball takes you on an exciting ride through the futuristic world of twin sisters Laurie and Helen, who are opposites in many ways, and who battle each other in the real and virtual worlds when Laurie, a wheelchair-bound introvert becomes a superstar Omegaball player, first in the underground Darknet, and then in IRL. The sisters are well-drawn and believable characters, and the virtual worlds are exciting – and clearly and visually depicted. This is sci-fi even for YA readers who don’t think they like sci-fi – once you get hooked in, you’re along for a suspenseful and emotional journey!”
Jamie Mayer, author of Painless

“This book is savvy, surprising, and adventurous. As a person who is not a regular reader of futuristic science fiction, the relationships in this story got me hooked. I needed to know what was going to happen to these fantastically flawed people, and by the end, I found myself, like them, with a foot in two worlds.”
Talleri A. McRae, theater arts educator, Stage One Family Theatre

“Robert J. Peterson continues to create beautifully realized worlds with Omegaball. The narrative, both fantastic and realistic, gives audiences a new character unlike any other―one who faces adversity but never lets it get her down.”
Kristen Lopez, book critic,

“What I enjoy most about Robert Peterson’s stories is his ability to throw you right into a new world, with little to no exposition, and ground us through the language of the experience. We’re thrown vocabulary like ‘chyron’ and ‘scoobie’ in their natural context, and pick them up very easily. This is so tricky in sci-fi, and many great concepts are bogged down with unnecessary exposition, so I’m very impressed with how quickly I felt ‘my feet’ in the world of Omegaball.”
Meg Eden, author of Post-High School Reality Quest

“Peterson’s world of the future is so believable I can draw parallels in 2016 to every piece of future tech. The world itself is a giant 3D printer with devices called nanorgs in the air that can craft basic items like pens, cups, and giant foam fingers out of the air in seconds. Virtual reality has progressed to a point that a small bolt in someone’s neck can transport them to an entire virtual universe. Cars drive themselves. Oh, yeah, and giant robot suits tear one another apart as the world’s new, totally awesome, sport. The beautiful thing is that Peterson weaves all of these facts so gracefully into the story that the setting doesn’t take the focus away from the characters and the drama at the heart of our tale.”
Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press

“Although I’m not a young adult anymore, I read a good amount of YA fiction. I loved Omegaball so very much. I fell in love with the protagonist immediately and passionately. I honestly could not put this story down until the final fifty pages or so when the thought that it was ending soon gave me pause. I picked it up again fifteen minutes later and enjoyed the heck out of the ending. I especially enjoyed seeing so much diversity in the characters and that each chapter was told from a different character’s viewpoint. Mr. Peterson does a great job of really getting into each character’s voice.”
Kellie Green, Library Clerk, City of Los Angeles

“One of the things I most liked about Omegaball is that it is stuffed full of great ideas; from the well visualized future VR internet based on an utterly unique (and story relevant/evocative) interface of ‘jacking in’ to other individuals to a completely plausible future robot sport. Omegaball never suffers from lack of cool. While introducing these concepts it manages a nice balance of informing the reader while keeping the plot moving forward.”
J.M. Perkins, Author and Game Designer

Omegaballl is a coming of age story about young love, sports, and giant murder robots that teens will enjoy, while adults will get a kick out of the pop culture references from their own youth.”
Chris Kluwe, author of Beautiful Unique Sparkleponies and Prime and former punter for the Minnesota Vikings

“Peterson builds a believable world and interesting characters. The story builds to an exciting climax.”
Mel Jacob,


Author: Robert J. Peterson

Robert J. Peterson is a writer and web developer living in Los Angeles. A Tennessee native, he graduated from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. He’s written for newspapers and websites all over the country, including the Marin Independent Journal, the Telluride Daily Planet,, Offscreen, and He co-hosts the podcasts Make It So and Hiram’s Lodge. He’s appeared as a pop-culture guru on the web talk shows Comics on Comics, The Fanbase Press Week In Review, Collider Heroes, ScreenJunkies TV Fights, and Fandom Planet. He’s the founder of California Coldblood Books.